My Spa Day at Happy Pets!

Erin treated me to a doggy spa day at Happy Pets on 34th Avenue and 30th Street in Playa del Carmen and boy was it worth it!  It was my first time to ever go to the spa and I definitely want to go back!


The owner, Rudy, took really good care of me, gave me flea and tick treatment and a sour apple smelling bath, then clipped my nails and blow dried me!


He gives haircuts too, so I think i’ll go back to see him soon and get that done since it’s getting so hot outside!  It’s always important to take care of your pets in the Caribbean heat, especially those who have longer hair like me.  Haircuts can give us a hip new look and keep us a lot cooler during the summer.


I also met Rudy’s buddy, Ozzy, a 16 year old Golden Retriever who spends his days at the shop greeting all the customers and napping!  When he’s not helping Rudy at the shop, he likes to go play with his friends at Rancho Baaxal at Maroma Beach.  It’s this really neat horse ranch where you can take rides on the beach and through the jungle!  But Ozzy says the best part is hanging out with owner, Lisa at the ranch and going swimming in the ocean.


Happy pets has all kinds of services to get your pet in tip top shape and smelling good!  There are even specials every day for breeds of dogs, like me, I’m “mixed breed” so Sundays I get a discount for a medicated bath for only $130 pesos!  Just add Happy Pets on Facebook or email Rudy at and you can ask what day has discounts for your pet! 

Word of Advice…

Being a street dog means that it’s not impossible to change our habits once we’re adopted, but it can be tricky.  We realize that having a happy, healthy home is WAY better than roughing it on the street, but it also means we have to change our lifestyles, adhere to new “rules”, and start acting a little more civilized.

I think Erin has been getting just a little bit frustrated with me lately when I dart out of the house at 7:00am without her and take my morning stroll solo.  Don’t get me wrong, I like going on walks with her, but sometimes I just can’t contain my energy and the door is cracked open, and I smell empanadas on the street corner….. ahhhh…. such bliss.  But anyways, these times, I might be just a hair disobedient and go on about my business, even though Erin is telling me not to.  So I found this article for her to read to help entice me a little more and I really think it makes a lot of sense.  So for all you other fine folks in the market for a new adopted pup, keep these things in mind while training and we’ll all get along a lot better 🙂

Dog Training Tips: Coming When Called


I <3 Saturdays…

Saturdays are my favorite.  Erin doesn’t have to work, so she takes me out with her all day on adventures.  This morning, for example, we went by to see my friends at La Tarraya Restaurant to say hello.  Next door is my Tio Beto’s scuba shop Alberto’s Scuba, so we watched the divers get ready for their trip this morning.  I wanted to go too, but Erin wouldn’t let me because the wind was too strong.


We went and ate breakfast, then went down to visit my buddy, Captain Alberto, at 14th Street and the beach. I knew he’d let me get on the boat, wind or no wind because he’s always up for fishing! So we went for a spin, then came back to see if we could nab any eager travelers to go out with us that were already up and at ’em this morning on the beach.


Saturdays with Pezcaribe are especially fun because there are so many people out and about and the beach bars are hoppin’!  The best part is when you catch a lot of fish, Captain Alberto will take them to one of the beach restaurants to cook up Mexican style, especially for you!  Talk about a dinner to remember, seaside with a view of the beautiful Caribbean.  Ahhh…. not too much gets better than that.

100_3894 dinner

Support My Friends at SOS el Arca!

The loving people that saved me at SOS el Arca are having a raffle to raise money for the facility and my friends at the shelter.  They take good care of us and are a non-profit organization, so every donation counts.  There’s so many dogs there still waiting to find a permanent home, so they always need help collecting dog food, towels and blankets, toys, and other necessities.


You can buy a raffle ticket for only $150 pesos at Byblos or visit SOS el Arca’s Facebook page.  Profits fully go to the costs of maintaining the shelter and taking care of the dogs.  You’ll have a chance to win money or a new Iphone 5 and winners will be chosen on April 2nd so hurry!



Part of the family

My family has an awesome fishing tour business called Pezcaribe so I had to learn the ropes of working on the water!  My other best friend, Captain Alberto took me out on the boat one day to teach me how to be a marinero.  I was pretty scared at first because it was all new to me, but then I thought it was pretty cool.  You should come out on the boat with us sometime and go fishing or snorkeling!  Just visit their website and make your reservation!


Making my way onto the World Wide Web!


We’ve all read stories about adventures and experiences from people and places all over the world. From beach vacations to weddings and new babies to job changes and new houses, but hey! What about us?! We’re the beloved and loyal family members that get included in all these life changing events, but we always are spoken for, and it’s time I share the perspective on behalf of my comrades;  the man’s best friends, trusty sidekicks, and pals with paws.

Let me introduce myself.  My name’s Benji and I’m an adopted Mexican street dog.  We’re more like a breed of our own around these parts, really.  A lot of us grow up and find great families, but some of us spend our lives just sticking together in our neighborhood cliques, constantly patrolling and on the move for our next adventure.

I was one of the lucky ones to be adopted and boy, did it change my life!  I was stuck in the dog pound awaiting the inevitable when Silvie, the owner of this really neat shelter called SOS el Arca, came and saved me and a few of my street buddies.  SOS el Arca gave me a great temporary home, fed me well, and showed me a more comfortable lifestyle.  One weekend we were having a not-so-fun “bath day”, when a girl I’d never met before showed up to volunteer and help bathe us all.  Little did I know that day, all sudsy and looking like a wet rat, would change my life forever.  It was this new girl that took me on my walk and to play in the grass that day, then gave me a bath, wrapped me up in a fluffy towel, and just sat with me awhile in the sun.  I knew we had something special and I guess she knew it too because that was the day I met my new best friend, Erin, the new girl, and she chose ME out of all the other dogs to be a new part of her family.