Making my way onto the World Wide Web!


We’ve all read stories about adventures and experiences from people and places all over the world. From beach vacations to weddings and new babies to job changes and new houses, but hey! What about us?! We’re the beloved and loyal family members that get included in all these life changing events, but we always are spoken for, and it’s time I share the perspective on behalf of my comrades;  the man’s best friends, trusty sidekicks, and pals with paws.

Let me introduce myself.  My name’s Benji and I’m an adopted Mexican street dog.  We’re more like a breed of our own around these parts, really.  A lot of us grow up and find great families, but some of us spend our lives just sticking together in our neighborhood cliques, constantly patrolling and on the move for our next adventure.

I was one of the lucky ones to be adopted and boy, did it change my life!  I was stuck in the dog pound awaiting the inevitable when Silvie, the owner of this really neat shelter called SOS el Arca, came and saved me and a few of my street buddies.  SOS el Arca gave me a great temporary home, fed me well, and showed me a more comfortable lifestyle.  One weekend we were having a not-so-fun “bath day”, when a girl I’d never met before showed up to volunteer and help bathe us all.  Little did I know that day, all sudsy and looking like a wet rat, would change my life forever.  It was this new girl that took me on my walk and to play in the grass that day, then gave me a bath, wrapped me up in a fluffy towel, and just sat with me awhile in the sun.  I knew we had something special and I guess she knew it too because that was the day I met my new best friend, Erin, the new girl, and she chose ME out of all the other dogs to be a new part of her family.


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